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Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer

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The realistic way to teach people how to perform the abdominal thrusts both correctly and safely


Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer 

This training product (Adult red trainer) is used by students in CPR class to learn the abdominal thrust manoeuvre (Heimlich) and back slaps.

  • Practice abdominal thrusts safely
  • Use the correct force to eject a practice object
  • Ideal for training without fear of injury
  • There are no replaceable parts, which keeps the cost down
  • The back slap pad allows students to practice back blows
  • Choking rescue protocols as indicated by the Red Cross and European Resuscitation Council


Providing students with practical knowledge

The Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer is worn by students in CPR class to learn the abdominal thrust manoeuvre (Heimlich). Providing them with the knowledge and skills to react quickly and calmly in an incident involving choking, potentially saving a life. When performed correctly, a foam plug shoots into the air, making instruction realistic and leaving students confident.


How it works

The design of the vest has exaggerated features in the key places where action is required, including at the top of the back and on the stomach

1. Pull the vest on the 'victim' and tighten the waist belt. Fit the 'airway' with the foam plug.

2. Position hands between the stomach and the ribcage. Force is not neccessary and could cause injury.

3. Deliver a quick upward thrust as you carry out the Heimlich manoeuver.

4. This product can be used standing, sitting, laying down and for choking self-rescue.


This product is intended for use under the direction of CPR Instructors.

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Weight 1.420000
Dimensions L30 W24 H16cm
Pack Size Single

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