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Prepare your Venue for Mass Casualties (Our Top 5 Trauma Products)

Does your venue have the capability to treat trauma in the event of a mass casualty?

Preparing your venue with the provisions to treat mass injuries will increase your venue's capacity to deal with large numbers of injured people in the case of mass casualties.

Conducting a risk assessment will allow venue operators to understand where they need to increase event security and general safety measures, including providing adequate medical supplies.

Our mass casualty equipment list includes five of the most effective medical products for combatting trauma and increasing the chance of survival.

Optimize your venues mass casualty preparedness

Be prepared for the worst-case scenarios and take action now to prepare for emergency situations with adequate stock of high-quality medical supplies and trauma equipment.

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1. Critical Injury Kit

It’s important for all venues to be well prepared with a mass casualty medical kit. A complete medical kit specifically designed to control and stop catastrophic blood loss in a serious injury. The ideal addition to an emergency room will allow first responders to deal with injuries within minutes.

This kit contains the equipment needed to deal with trauma patients and can be used without medical training, allowing anyone to save a life.

    2. S.T.A.T tourniquet

    S.T.A.T tourniquets allow first responders to treat 10-12 trauma victims in 60 seconds during a mass casualty incident. Bleed control devices prevent death through blood loss and can be used on adults and children. Its innovative design has a simple 5 second application and automatic self locking system.

    3. Trauma dressings

    Traumatic events with a high risk of death through blood loss including terror attacks and violent acts can be prepared for with high-quality trauma dressings.

    Chito-Sam 100 Haemostatic Dressing

    Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly, this high-performance non-woven dressing is made from chitosan – a material derived from crustaceans or snow crab shell.

    Trauma Dressing

    This super-absorbent pad is designed to stem major blood loss, allowing medics to dress trauma wounds and stop the blood flow quickly and efficiently. This dressing can absorb over twice its weight in fluid.

    Russell Chest Seal

    The purpose of this dressing is to cover major chest wounds to minimise the risk of lung collapses and allow drainage of air and blood. This is a life-saving addition to any medical kit which will deal with trauma involving gunshots or explosions.

    4. First Aid Kits

    At minimum, all venues and public spaces should have adequate well-stocked first aid kits to deal with injuries. HSE approved first aid kits and BS8599-1 first aid kits will keep venue operators on the right side of existing health & safety laws.

    Larger, high-risk venues will require more than just first aid kits to protect against mass casualty incidents.


    Foil blankets provide comfort for those who have experienced trauma and shock. Used in emergency evacuation and rescue, this is ideal to add to your emergency medical supplies for use in traumatic experiences.

    1. Foil Blanket - Pack of 25
      Foil Blanket - Pack of 25

    It will soon be law for venues to increase their security measures and prepare for mass casualty incidents following the Martyns Law campaign and new legislation sparked by the Manchester Arena suicide bombing attack. Prepare now ahead of the legislation to ensure public health & safety.

    If you'd like to know more about any of our trauma equipment or first aid supplies, Please enter your details into the form below along with any questions or comments and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with more information: