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Choking Charlie Manikin

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The perfect first aid training tool for teaching the Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre


Choking Charlie Manikin

  • Includes simulated food boluses
  • Realistic anatomy and responses - features life like jugular notch and ribcage
  • Excellent tool for instructing the lifesaving technique
  • Robust design can be used frequently
  • No batteries required
  • Perfect for medical training, hospitals and students
  • Latex-free


The perfect first aid tool to create an ideal training experience

This lifelike adult torso has been designed specifically for training of the Abdominal Thrust Manouever (Heimlich) and for teaching students to clear blocked airways. When the correct techniqe is carried out with enough pressure and speed, the manikin expels the simulated food boluses.

This method of physical hands on learning is neccesary for medical training as it helps students to understand the procedure first hand, allowing them to practice techniques on a life-like torso which simulates patients.


Product Dimensions

Dimensions 101.6 x 53.34 x 30.48 cm
Weight  15kg
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Pack Size Single

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