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Fabric Assorted Plasters

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Retail packaged fabric plasters with superior medical grade adhesive that stays on longer


Trusted by healthcare professionals - Tried and tested for you

  • Non-stick wound pad ensures a painless removal
  • Soft, supple, flexible fabric flexes with the bodies movement
  • High quality, high gloss printed cartons - Great graphics attract customer’s attention
  • Centralised pad isolates wound keeping it dry and dirt free
  • Individually wrapped, keeps plaster clean until used
  • 16 Assorted Sizes - including circular plaster ideal for shaving cuts and little fingers
  • CE marked
  • Large stock carried at all timesWound pad centralised - isolates wound, keeping it dry and dirt free

We supply the same plasters into the NHS hospitals and doctors surgeries, we just re-package them for retail

For ultra-sensitive skin, choose Steroplast Washproof or Clear Plasters


How to use

  1. To remove plaster from wrapper - peel from edge indicated by the arrow, or tear off the end carefully
  2. Clean wound and dry thoroughly
  3. Apply plaster and press down all edges carefully
  4. For best results replace with a fresh plaster daily



  • Do not use if the packaging is damaged
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Single-use
  • Contains latex
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