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Firesport UK

Home of fire and rescue service sport

We have a very close working relationship with all of the emergency services. Providing them with all the products they need to do the amazing work they do each and every day. Thanks to this relationship, we managed to hear about Firesport UK. When we were introduced to the great work it does we got involved straight away.

Previously known as FSSAA (The Fire Service Sports and Athletics Association). Firesport UK was formed as a Trust in 1969. It as originally formed by retired and serving fire service staff to bring the services closer together. Encouraging all forms of sports and athletics within the UK Fire and Rescue Services. Throughout the year they put together competitions and events, building relationships within the services. The events keep retired staff in the loop and allow engagement with people within the local communities. They use these opportunities to bring the community closer together as a unit and provide them with fire safety and prevention messages.

Firesport UK England Football Team

Firesport UK offer a wide range of sporting activities from walking and bowls to cycling and cricket. They have events taking place throughout the year at national and even international levels. It offers the retired members of the Fire and Rescue Services the chance to still be part of the organisation they love. Giving them the chance to be part of the team and use their knowledge and skills to educate the public and the younger members of the services.

Firesport UK and Steroplast

We work closely with David Ward, the head physio for the Firesport UK and England football teams. We provide him with the first aid and physiotherapy equipment he needs to treat the players at pitchside and assist with rehabilitation. David is an ex-fireman and trained physiotherapist, he is a perfect go-to for product testing and first hand feedback. If you come along to an event that Steroplast is exhibiting at you may well get to meet him. We like to involve David at all levels, as his professional opinions are vital.

Learn more about what they do and details on up and coming events near to you by visiting their website.