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i-gel Supraglottic Airway

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The i-gel is a truly unique airway device and represents the culmination of years of extensive research and development. The Supragottic i-gel airway device was specifically designed and constructed to closely resemble the physiology of the perilaryngeal framework.


Everything about the i-gel has been designed to work in perfect unison with the anatomy; the i-gel design was inspired by the physiology of the perilaryngeal framework itself.

The shape, softness and contours accurately mirror the perilaryngeal anatomy to create the perfect fit. This innovative concept means that no cuff inflation is required. The i-gel works in harmony with the patient's anatomy so that compression and displacement trauma are significantly reduced or eliminated.

A major development since the laryngeal mask airway. i-gel has changed the face of airway management and is now widely used in anaesthesia and resuscitation across the globe. 

Made from a medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer, it has been designed to create a non-inflatable, anatomical seal of the pharyngeal, laryngeal and perilaryngeal structures whilst avoiding compression trauma.

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Precisely shaped
  • Perfect fitting
  • No cuff inflation necessary
  • Works in harmony with patient anatomy
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


Size Fitting
1 Neonate
1.5 Infants
2 Small Paediatrics
2.5 Large Paediatrics
3 Small Adults
4 Medium Adults
5 Large Adults


More Information
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