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Mediwrap High Protection Blanket

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The cost effective, single use, absorbent thermal wrap used by paramedics and hospitals to prevent hypothermia


Single-use high protection blanket

This thermally retentive blanket works to prevent hypothermia by retaining warmth - it does not need any additional heat source. Used by paramedics for patient comfort and safety after trauma situations and by hospitals in emergency rooms and post-operative care.

The innovative thermally efficient textile minimises all four forms of heat loss - conduction, convection, evaporation and radiation. The heat reflective material is formed by a non-latex bonding process, it is used in a wide range of products for the treatment of hyperthermia.

The outer layer is wind and water resistant, helping to keep the patient warm and dry with an absorbant and insulant inner layer, protecting them from extreme external conditions.

Product features

  • Soft, comfortable & lint-resistant 
  • Maintains normothermia
  • Helps prevent cross infection
  • A cost effective single use product
  • Non-latex construction
  • Radiolucent (won't show up in x-rays)
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to store
  • Individually wrapped in clear pack for single use
  • Evaporative layer helps to absorb bodily fluids and retain heat even when patient is wet

Product specifications - Adult

Weight: 200 g

Dimenisions when open: 200 x 120cm

This product is approved by National Health Service, UK Ministry of Defence

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