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Millie's Trust

Millie’s Trust is a local charity which was established in 2012 by Dan and Joanne Thompson, after tragically losing their daughter Millie in a choking incident whilst she was at her nursery. They decided to set up the trust in Millie’s name to ensure everybody has access to first aid training no matter who they are and what their situation is. They strived to make professional training available at minimal costs in as many places as possible.

Because of the passion Dan and Joanne had for this project, and the public’s response to their bravery, Millie’s Trust has gone from strength to strength. They allow individuals to attend First Aid course at the lowest possible cost. They also provide first aid awareness courses free of charge if the individual is pregnant. Or if they have a child under the age of 12 months or are struggling to find the funds.

Their aim is to educate everyone with the skills that could help them save a child’s life. They also hold 12 hour paediatric courses for nurseries to ensure more nursery staff become trained. Throughout their time, due to their efforts, they have received many awards including the Pride of Britain award.

Millie's Trust Pride of Britain

Dan and Joanne’s aim to raise awareness went even further when they took on the government. They succeeded in making it the law to have paediatric first aid kits in all ambulances. This was because the ambulance that came to Millie did not have this. But, they didn’t stop there, they continued to petition with over 103,000 signatures. With success, in September 2016 a law was passed that all newly qualified nursery/pre-school staff member must have undertaken a paediatric first aid qualification.

Millie's Trust Millie's Mark

This led the way to ‘Millie’s Mark’, designed to be a special endorsement that childcare providers can apply for. Showing that the company go above and beyond the standard requirements and have 100% of their staff fully trained in paediatric first aid. This mark can then be advertised and shown proudly by the establishment. A reassurance to parents that their child is in very good hands. So if you are trying to find a nursery or preschool for your children, look out for the logo.

Millie’s Trust and Steroplast

We have an amazing relationship with Dan and Joanne and will continue to work closely with them. Since 2014, Steroplast has worked closely with Millie’s Trust. Raising awareness of the charity whenever they can and providing them with the tools they need achieve their goal. We designed and created first aid kits ideal for nurseries, pre-schools and individuals. These kits can be purchased directly from Millie’s and on their website shop.

To find out more about Millie’s Trust and Millie’s Mark, you can contact their offices on 0161 485 1321, visit their website at or drop them an email at