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Burncare first aid kits and consumables, designed for the quick treatment of burns and scalds, ideal for the home and any workplace.


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Burncare Product Showcase

14 Items
  • Burnshield Dressings
    From £4.50
  • Burnshield Rescue Kit
  • Burnshield Hydrogel 50ml bottle
    From £4.50
  • Mini burn kit
  • Calcium Gluconate Gel - 40g
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  • Burnshield Emergency Rescue Kit
  • Steroburn Burncare Kit
  • Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing

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  • Burnshield Responder Kit
  • Burnshield Hydrogel 125ml bottle
    From £6.50
  • Burnshield Face Mask
  • Burnshield Contour Dressings
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  • Burnshield Burn Blott Sachets - 3.5ml
  • Burncare Kit
14 Items


Burns first aid kits and consumables, designed for the quick treatment of burns and scalds, ideal for the home and any workplace. 

Steroburn Burncare First Aid Kit 

"Fast effective treatment for burns, scalds, and sunburn." 

You are legally obliged to have a kit clearly visible in any environment where burns could happen. This handy and portable kit provides effective and fast treatments for burns, scalds, and sunburns. It is designed to ensure you and your company are compliant with health and safety regulations. 

Comes in a durable polypropylene box
The red box makes it highly visible and easy to identify
The kit provides effective and fast treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn at home or on holiday
Contents1 - 10 Person Kit11 - 20 Person kit
Burn dressings 20cm x 20cm01
Burn dressings 10cm x 10cm22
Burn blott sachets 612
Sterowash 20ml eyewash pods55
Steroply 7.5cm x 4m22
Nitrile gloves (pair)22
Microporous tape 2.5cm x 5m11
Tuff cut scissors 11
Digit dressing 2.5cm x 50cm11

Burnshield provides fast effective treatment for burns scalds and sunburn.

The emergency services have used Burnshield for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind that Burnshield really is the perfect product to treat skin burns effectively. 

Suitable to treat 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-degree burns. 

Burnshield Dressings 

Dressings for the treatment of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree burns and scalds - Providing treatment and protection. 

Burnshield Rescue Kit 

This burn kit was specifically developed to provide maximum efficiency where burns present a major risk. 

Burnshield Face Mask 

A unique versatile foam mask that provides essential and immediate treatment and protection.

The Burnshield range 

TypeProduct codeSize
Face maskBD9082720cm x 45cm
Finger/toesBD908252.5cm x 50cm
Limb/neckBD908265cm x 1cm
Small areaBD9082210cm x 10cm
Large limbsBD9082320cm x 20cm
Torso/backBD9082460cm x 40cm
Burn blottsBD908303.5ml x 100
Hydrogel bottleBD9082850ml
Hydrogel bottle -BD90829125ml
Suncream 1 x 10BD555600SPF30

Emergency Rescue Kit in 'premier' box

An emergency kit designed for emergency medical services and industry. A specifically designed kit to provide maximum efficiency where burns present a major risk. 

Provides essential protection and instant cooling for someone who is suffering from a burn injury
Each dressing is saturated with a sterile water based gel which moisturises, cools and soothes the skin, thereby minimising trauma
Suitable for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
A cost-effective solution for a serious injury

If your staff is split over more than one floor, you must have at least one kit per floor. First aid kits should be positioned where people see them every day so that in the event of an emergency, people will remember where to find them.