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Eyecare & Protection

Prevent eye injuries with Sterowash

Prevent an eye injury or wound from becoming serious in your home or workplace with our top-selling eyewash stations and kits that are ideal in emergency situations.

Multipurpose eye & wound wash

Our range of eyecare products are ideal for washing and cleaning eyes and could save an individuals sight. They are all sterile, meaning they are perfect to cleanse wounds to reduce the risk of infection.

Ideal uses

Perfect for warehouses, factories, garages and even lower risk workplaces, in case of emergencys where somebodys sight could be compromised.


Download short guides to some of our most popular products.

Eye and Wound Wash Product Showcase

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  • Steropax Boxed Eyepad
  • Sterowash - Eyewash 500ml Bottle
    From £3.50
  • Sterowash Eyecare Kits

    Starting at £15.95

  • Sterowash - 500ml Eyewash Station & Accessories

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  • Sterowash - 500ml Eyewash Plate & Accessories

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  • Sterowash - 20ml Eye And Wound Wash Station & Accessories
  • Sterowash - Eyewash & Wound Wash 20ml Pods - 25 Pods
    From £11.95
7 Items


The 2-in-1 eye and wound wash could
save someones sight!

Eye & wound wash pods
Eye dressings
Emergency eyewash stations
Eyecare kits
medical device

Class IIA
medical device

Steroplast Sterowash is a CE marked, class IIA medical device, compliant with health & safety regulations.


Multipurpose solution

Sterowash saline 20ml pods are a 2-in-1 solution that has been specially developed to be used in eyes and wounds.

drug tariff

Available on
drug tariff

Our Sterowash saline 20ml pods to treat eyes and wounds are available on Drug Tariff and can be prescribed by a doctor.


Quick & easy
to use

Designed for emergencies, our eyewash products are simple to use within seconds, preventing long term eye damage.

The first 10 seconds are critical!

The first 10 seconds after the eye has been exposed to a hazardous substance are critical, especially when that substance is corrosive. Sterowash is perfect to remove sand and dust particles which can damage the eye if not removed quickly.

In an emergency, the considered design of Sterowash is ready for use in a second!

Twist off top

The Sterowash pods have a twist off top which makes them ready for use within a second, and easy to use by anybody as it takes very little strength. 

Slimline neck

CE marked

wall mounted eyewash

Wall mounted for easy access

Once fixed on the wall where it’ll be seen every day, it’s there permanently in case of emergency.

Eyewash stations must be fixed to a wall near to the potential
hazard. e.g. next to a fork lift charging point as battery acid
splashes could cause blindness.

Eyewash should be wall mounted where there are toxic, corrosive, acidic, or caustic, chemicals.

Our eyewash plates and stations are a highly visible solution to ensure that eye wash is easy to locate and access in an emergency situation. 

How to use Sterowash eye & wound wash

It's vital to use a sterile eyewash in the event of an eye injury, and equally as important when treating a wound.

Sterowash solution is easy to use within seconds. See below the steps for use in an emergency involving an injured eye.


Twist off the top of the pod or bottle to open the eyewash solution provided.


Open eyes wide and position the open bottle of solution above the eye. Use the mirror provided if using without assistance.


Gently squeeze the bottle, allowing the liquid to flow freely into and across the eyeball.


Use the mirror provided to observe the eye. Seek further medical assistance if necessary and use eyepad dressings to protect the eye.


Discard of the bottle after use. DO NOT REUSE. Replace any used contents of the kit for use in the next emergency.


Our First Aid Kit Station features easy to read step-by-step instructions printed on the station designed for untrained staff to use in an emergency. If you want a bespoke station please contact us to discuss your options on 0161 902 3030.


The Ultra Durable Premier Box

Sterowash eye & woundwash kits are contained in an ultra durable premier box.

The kits include essential ready-to-use eye and wound wash solution and accessories needed to flush the eye of dangerous objects or chemicals in an emergency situation. 

Durable premier box

Each kit comes in a durable clear polypropylene box which can be fixed to a wall, ready to use in an emergency. The premier case keeps kit contents secure and dust-free.

Designed for workplaces

Easy to find contents