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First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that is used to give medical treatment.

We have HSE compliant kits as well as BS8599-1 compliant workplace first aid kits and BS8599-2 compliant vehicle first aid kits. Browse our comprehensive range of small, medium and large kits, so that you can be on the right side of the law.

17 Items
  • Stero-paws Animal First Aid Kit
    From £9.99
  • First Aid Kit Station
  • BS8599-1 Off-site Lone Worker First Aid Kit
    From £12.05
  • BS8599-2 Vehicle First Aid Kit
    From £15.25
  • HSE Lone Worker First Aid Kit
    From £4.70
  • BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit
    From £14.95
  • BS8599-1 First Aid Kits
    From £14.95
  • HSE First Aid Kits
    From £6.15
  • Sports Medical First Aid Kit

    Starting at £41.00

  • Childcare First Aid Kit

    Starting at £9.95

  • BS8599-1 Sterochef Catering First Aid Kit

    Starting at £24.20

  • Vehicle First Aid Kit Bag
  • Taxi and PSV First Aid Kit
  • Medium Sports First Aid Kit
  • First Response Kit
  • 70 Piece First Aid Kit
  • 40 Piece Fold Up First Aid Kit
17 Items

Steroplast's First Aid Kit Guide

Our kits are suitable for a range of workplaces and environments for many purposes. Our collection covers several sectors of the healthcare industry, so you will be sure to find one that is right for you. You can rest assured that everything we supply is;

  • Of the highest quality
  • Tried and tested
  • Comes complete with robust guarantees
  • Gets delivered on time
  • Has been designed to meet the toughest UK and EU standards

High quality and cost-effective refills are available for immediate replacement of entire kits, without the need to buy a new case.


How do I know what first aid kit I should buy?

There are lots of things to consider when deciding which first aid kit is suitable for you – including the size of the workplace, number of employees, risk level and work activity.

Our first aid kits have been developed to meet the standards set out by The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 and consider all the relevant hazards and employee needs that differ between workplaces.

Each employer must carry out a workplace assessment whereby they assess the environment, equipment, facilities, and relevant personnel.

You must consider the following factors:

  • How many employees are there in the workplace?
  • What size kit will you need?

Employers must also consider employee health records, travel, secondary sites and visitors – see HSE’s full list of first-aid factors to consider.

Use our selection chart to narrow down which workplace first aid kit is suitable for you


Number of significant areas in your workplaceDegree of hazardNumber of employees Minimum requirements

A significant area is an individual floor or building. You should be able to reach a casualty within 60 seconds of an initial call for assistance.

e.g. An office and a warehouse on the same site constitutes as 2 significant areas

Each area needs to be assessed on its own merits.

Sports clubs/facilities: we recommend 1 small kit on each floor

LOW HAZARD - Office (e.g. shops, offices, and all sports facilities).Less than 25At least 1 Small Kit
25 - 50At least 1 Medium Kit
More than 50At least 1 Large Kit per 100 employees

HIGH HAZARD - Warehouse

(e.g. light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing, dangerous machinery, construction,    harmful chemicals etc).

Less than 5At least 1 Small Kit
5 - 25At least 1 Medium Kit
More than 25At least 1 Large Kit per 25 employees


Workplace First Aid Kits - Do your first aid kits comply with the new British Standard? Our BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit is suitable for most workplaces. Containing all the essentials for minor injuries and emergencies in office spaces and shops. We also recommend having a small workplace kit in your sports clubs and facilities for use with sports-related injuries.

Personal and Lone-worker First Aid Kits - If you are looking for personal use first aid kits, are self-employed or are an employer of workers who often work alone or off-site, our Lone Worker kits are a clear choice. They have been carefully selected to enable the user to deal with a wide variety of accidents and prepare for emergencies that may happen whilst they are off-site and have no other access to care.

For more information on the importance of Lone Worker First Aid Kits, be sure to read our blog post How a Lone Worker First Aid Kit Could Save a Life.

Specialist First Aid Kits - We also have a range of specially designed first aid kits for a variety of environments including sports, childcare, catering, and vehicles, these include all the essentials as well as products targeted towards related risks.

Our selection of burn first aid kits and consumables have been developed to treat burn victims at the scene of the emergency – ideal for the home and any workplace.


What are the minimum requirements for first aid kits in the UK?

All workplaces (no exceptions) are required to provide British Standard quality first aid equipment in the workplace. As the 1981 Health and Safety Regulations state – every employer is required to complete a full assessment of the workplace and fit first aid kits accordingly. The assessment should be thorough and consider the factors previously mentioned to determine how many first aid kits will be necessary.

Steroplast has British Standard BS8599-1 complaint first aid kits, plus all other essential first aid and medical provisions.

Employers have a legal responsibility to provide immediate first-aid care to their employees and support them with work-health related issues. As injuries at work can be life-threatening you should be able to reach a kit within 60 seconds. If your staff are split over more than one floor, you must have at least one kit per floor. View our helpful infographic for more reasons why your business needs a first aid kit.


What should a first aid kit contain?

Every workplace and environment have its own requirements for the size and contents of a first aid kit, which is determined by the workplace assessment. As each case is different, there is not a defined list of items that a first-aid kit must include, but at minimum, it should be stocked with the following items from our first-aid kit checklist:

  • Wound Dressings – Absorbent material prevents blood dripping whilst preventing the wound from getting infected
  • Bandages – Used to secure dressings in place and conform to the injured area of the body
  • Tape – Secures bandage or dressing so it stays in place
  • Assorted plasters – For use on small cuts and grazes
  • First Aid Emergency Guidance Leaflet – Provides the user with more information and guidance on basic first aid
  • Sterile eye dressings – helps to protect the eye area from infection and objects entering the eye
  • Burn Dressing – Cools down a burn immediately when there is no access to water, prevents skin from scarring by keeping the wound hydrated

Other useful items include:

All items can be bought individually from our website to replace components of your first aid kit when necessary.

The NHS recommended these basic first aid kit contents.

It is important that you regularly check your first aid kit for any items that are missing or expired and replace them to ensure all items are fully fit for purpose. Your first aid kit should always be accessible and easy to open in the case of an emergency or injury.


Steroplasts top first aid kits

HSE First Aid Kit


Product: HSE compliant kits are ideal for an office or low-hazard environment and comply with Health & Safety law. We guarantee that with a HSE Steroplast kit you will be compliant and on the right side of the law!

Features: There is a 1-10 person, and 11-20-person kit, which reflects how many people they are designed for. If your workplace has more than 20 people, then adding an extra 1-10-person kit will ensure you are covered for 30 people, and compliant with Health & Safety law.


Workplace First Aid Kit


Product: Our Workplace first aid kit is compliant to British Standard BS8599-1, this kit is ideal for an office environment.

Features: The Premier kit is made from translucent durable plastic. Each product is packed in specific compartments so that the product you need is instantly visible. To maintain this design advantage, once the contents are used, the product placement diagram in the lid shows where to put your replacement items, making the kit ready for the next emergency. This kit comes in three sizes and includes a burn dressing which ensures you can treat a skin burn, reducing the pain without the need to keep the burn under running water.
The ultra-strong wall bracket mounts the kit onto the wall for visibility and easy access for everyone in the building.


Vehicle First Aid Kit


Product: Steroplasts British Standard vehicle first aid kits are equipped with the essentials to save a life in case or an emergency in a range of vehicles including cars, bikes, taxis, buses, and coaches. See our blog for more information on the importance of a car first aid kit.

For specialist bike first aid kits, head to to Sterosport Activ.

Features: Easy to store - and comes in 3 sizes, boxed, or bagged. The Vehicle First Aid Kit takes up very little room in your car and could be placed under the seat or in the boot, out of harm’s way.

The size of the first aid kits required for motor vehicles is determined by the category of hazard and by the number of potential passengers:

Number of passengersVehicle ExamplesNumber and size of first aid kits required
1 to 3Mopeds, motorcycles,  motor tricycles and  quadricycles1 x small
1 to 8Cars, taxis, commercial vehicles1 x medium
1 to 16Mini buses, small buses1 x large
17+Buses, coaches2 x large (multi-level vehicles require at least two kits.)

Childcare First Aid Kit


Product: Our first aid kit for kids is based on advice from the HSE and Pre-School Learning Alliance - Ideal for childminders, playgroups & nurseries.

Features: This specially designed kit was designed based on a combination of advice from The Health and Safety Executive and The Pre-School Learning Alliance. The contents of our kit have been put together under the watchful eye of a course tutor specialising in childcare first aid courses.


Where should I put my first aid kit?

If you intend to put your first aid kit in a workplace, it should be placed in clear view, we recommend attaching it to a wall in an easily accessible space, such as on a corridor. Place the kit somewhere where it is easy to see and reach for all ages – not too high up on the wall. Some of our kits are supplied with a bracket for easy mounting


See our blog for more information on first aid kits...

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