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Resuscitation & CPR

The easiest and safest way to provide resuscitation and CPR to a patient.


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Resuscitation Product Showcase

5 Items
  • Resusciade Keyring
  • Resusciade One Way Valve
    From £0.70
  • Steroplast Pocket Mask

    Starting at £1.50

  • Face Shield - Foil Packed
    From £4.50
  • Personal Protection Pouch
5 Items

Resuscitation and CPR

The easiest and safest way to provide resuscitation and CPR to a patient.


Resuscitation and CPR equipment

CPR Pocket Mask

The mask that makes resuscitation safe for the provider, the one-way valve with membrane prevents cross-infection. 

DescriptionPack Ref
CPR Pocket Mask 19598
Supplied in clamshell case
Portable and convenient
Improves cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Resusciade Face Shield 

The safest way to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Offering protection to both rescuer and casualty. 

DescriptionPack Ref
Resuscitation Face Shield19589
Used by CPR trained rescuers
For inclusion with corporate CPR courses
Perfect for first aid kits

Personal protection pouch

A compact personal protection kit for first aiders to give CPR without risk of infection. 

DescriptionPack Ref
Personal protection pouch18132
Can fit easily in your pocket or bag
Velcro fastening - quick and easy access
Made from strong nylon material
Can be attached to a belt for hands free access

Resusciade One Way Valve 

The mouth-to-mouth resus that allows hygienic contact with a patient whilst resuscitating them. 

DescriptionPack Ref
Resus - one way valve 1 x 259582/25
Resus - with ear loops 1 x 259583/25
Keyring face shield1 x 259567/25
Used and promoted by CPR trained rescuers
Ideal for corporate CPR training
Offers protection for both rescuer and casualty
Includes printed on instructions
One way valve
Single use