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Physicool Cooling Bandages

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Innovative cooling products used by hospitals, physiotherapists and athletes, to greatly reduce swelling, inflammation and pain.

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Bandage A (SKU: PHY001)
Bandage B (SKU: PHY004)
500ml Recharge (SKU: PHY003)

Helps to speed up recovery and get people back up on their feet fast

The cooling bandage system uses rapid evaporation technology to cool the affected area, with no need for ice or refrigeration. As the coolant in the bandage evaporates heat, pain and swelling are drawn out. Whilst the deep tissue is cooled, simultaneous compression modifies the inflammatory response, which then helps the healing and recovery of the injury.

  • The best there is at reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Immediate pain reduction
  • Easy to apply, even one handed
  • Proven to quicken patient mobility
  • 100% woven cotton, no elastic content
  • Reusable
  • It outperforms other ice-based treatments
  • Self-grip strap holds the compress in place without creating a pressure spot

Bandage A - Small - 10cm x 2m - Wrist, elbow, calf and ankle

Bandage B - Large - 12cm x 3m - Shoulder, knee, leg and back

500ml recharge - Handy spray dispenser allows you to top-up the special physicool formula directly to the area whilst the bandage stays in place. Alternatively this can be applied to bandage in the holding package before use.

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Associated SKUs PHY001 PHY004 PHY003
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