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Steroban Cohesive

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The latex-free, flexible light compression bandage that sticks to itself but not the skin.


Maintains correct and consistent compression support without sticking to the patient or clothing

  • Non-slip latex-free coating - bandage stays in place once it has been applied
  • Easily removed and reapplied when required
  • Tears easily by hand both lengthways and widthways
  • Offers excellent support and compression
  • Individually wrapped to keep the bandage clean and germ-free
  • Will not stick to skin or hair - Underwrap is not required
  • 7 Colours available
  • 4.5 metre stretched length
  • 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm tape widths

Available in White, Tan, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Black - Please ask if you require alternative colours

To find out more about how the cohesive bandage can be useful in an animal first aid kit, check out our blog on what should be included in a pets first aid kit

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