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Sterocrepe - Crepe bandage

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The NHS approved Sterocrepe crepe bandage, with its textured surface, is ideal for giving light support to sprains and strains for injured joints and muscles. It also works as a moderate compression bandage fo alleviate knee swelling, ankle swelling and other relevant injuries, and can reduce inflammation.

The bandage should be wrapped snugly around the affected area but not too tight.



What are crepe bandages?

A crepe bandage is a stretchy, cotton, soft woven bandage that is used as a compression wrap for sports injuries and sprains or to cover a wound dressing. 

How to use

Before applying the bandage, use a cold compress to cool the affected area. This will minimise the swelling and therefore reduce the pain.

Forearm, thigh and calf bandage

  1. Start below the injury site
  2. Apply the bandage around the limb, using a spiral action, overlapping two thirds each time
  3. Secure with tape or safety pin

Wrist, elbow, knee and ankle bandage

  1. Wrap straight around once to secure the bandage
  2. Apply the bandage around the limb in a figure of 8 pattern, overlapping two thirds each time
  3. Secure with tape or safety pin

Advantages, features & benefits

  • High-quality woven stretch material
  • Can also be used for dressing retention
  • Provides padding and protection
  • Strong, stretchy and soft to provide comfort and support
  • Washable and therefore reusable
  • Individually wrapped
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Used in health and beauty for body wraps
  • Textured surface


Available Sizes
5cm x 4.5m
7.5cm x 4.5m
10cm x 4.5m
15cm x 4.5m
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Pack Size Pack of 12
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