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Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator

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The Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator is widely used in ambulances, hospitals, surgeries, industry at sporting events and at home by CF victims. It is the best hand operated aspirator available, providing outstanding portable suction.

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The Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator is widely used in ambulances, hospitals, surgeries, at sporting events and at home by CF victims. A unique feature of the Vitalograph Aspirator is its overflow design. When the container is full, the Aspirator will continue to function ejecting excess aspirate through its rear outlet. 

Who can use the Vitalograph Aspirator

The Vitalograph Aspirator is a reliable approach to administering oral suction for medical professionals and first aiders. The handheld nurture of the device makes it ideal for storing in an emergency bag, whether by an on-call medic or by a designated first aider, to ensure that it can be kept nearby in case of an emergency.

With a durable polycarbonate construction that can withstand serious shocks, it is ideal for use in military settings. The unique overflow design makes it useful for hospital settings, where hygiene and reduced risks of contamination are of the utmost importance.

How to use the Vitalograph Aspirator

The Vitalograph is operated by holding onto the handle and squeezing the trigger, at which point immediate suction is delivered.

  • All parts of the unit can be cleaned and cold sterilised
  • Hand powered
  • Simple single-handed operation
  • Aspirator container volume of 240mls
  • Supplied complete with 9mm and 6mm catheter mounts, 9mm catheter and instructions
  • The overall innovative design resulted in the prestigious Design Council Award
  • The Aspirator offers reliability and simple maintenance
  • All components are easily cleaned, disinfected and sterilised
  • Its design ensures the Aspirator cannot be misassembled
  • Easy single-handed operation


Aspirator container volume 240mls
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Operating principle Rolling Seal Diaphragm
Catheter mount 17mm internal taper
Net dimensions 165 x 165 x 87mm
Gross dimensions 212 x 102 x 233mm
Net weight 400gms
Gross weight 650gms
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Associated SKUs WSTE0102 WSTE0232 WSTE0283 WSTE0191

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