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Washproof Post-Injection Round Spot Plasters

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The small round 'spot' plaster is ideal for dressing small needle puncture wounds post-injection, protecting it from moisture and bacteria immediately. Ensure safe injection practice with our sterile spot plasters.

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100 x Washproof round spot plasters - 2.4 cm diameter - 12 Boxes (SKU: 7165R)
200 x Washproof round spot plasters - 2.4 cm diameter - 12 Boxes (SKU: 7190R)
Pack size SKU Price per box Price per plaster
12 boxes of 100 plasters 7190R £4.64 4p
12 boxes of 200 plasters 7165R £2.81 1p


The ideal spot plaster for dressing small needle puncture wounds post-injection. 

The small adhesive plaster is the perfect shape and size to keep needle puncture wounds safe from infection. The sterile spot plaster is the preferred choice to cotton wool for use after injection as it forms a seal around the wound, protecting it from moisture and bacteria immediately.

  • 2.4cm diameter
  • Soft & flexible
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Safe for use on children
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Sterile - perfect for medical use
  • Individually wrapped for hygienic application
  • Latex free - ideal for sensitive skin
  • Used by nurses after taking blood or giving injections
  • Available in 12 cases of 100 or 200 plasters

Ideal uses:

  • Post-injection: testing procedures, vaccinations, diabetics daily injections
  • Vaccination centres 
  • Venepuncture / injection sites (post blood sampling)
  • Small cuts and grazes
  • On children's small fingers

Directions for use:

  1. Clean the area surrounding wound
  2. Dry skin thoroughly
  3. Apply plaster to the wound, firmly pressing down the edges to secure in place
  4. Replace daily or as often as required


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See our blog post for a full checklist of our vaccination essentials, and more information on how to keep your vaccination programme running smoothly.

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Associated SKUs 7190R 7165R
Size 2.4cm Diameter

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