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Melolin Cushioned Dressing Pad

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A low-adherent, absorbent dressings used on a variety of light to moderately exuding wounds


A low-adherent absorbent dressing used for the management of a wide variety of light to moderately exuding wounds including clean sutured wounds, abrasions, lacerations and minor burns.

What is melolin?

Melolin consists of highly absorbent cotton and polyester fibre pad with a hydrophobic backing layer which is heat-bonded on one side to a very thin perforated polyester film. The film side of the dressing is placed next to the wound.

What can I use melolin for?

Melolin is suitable for post-operative and casualty use, in particular for light to moderately exuding wounds including clean and sutured wounds, abrasions, lacerations, and minor burns.

Why should I use melolin on my wound?

Melolin has a low adherent perforated film which allows rapid drainage of fluid from the wound, thereby reducing trauma to healing tissue. The highly absorbent cotton/ polyester pad provides comfort and minimises pain on removal. Melolin is easily cut to shape and retains its integrity when cut. It provides a significant improvement in terms of strike-through and, therefore, fewer dressing changes will be required.

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Very absorbent wound pads that allow the skin to breathe
  • Sterile
  • Cushions and protects the injured area
  • Low adherent dressing pads
  • Low linting to prevent sticking to the wound and minimises pain on removal
  • Can be used with adhesive tape
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